Our services

Custom Software Development

We are constantly helping our customers to excel in their businesses by developing various kinds of software that is tailored to match their specific needs. During the years, our team has developed software ranging from the low-level hardware programlets to large scale enterprise solutions. We can master all phases of the software development, from the initial feasibility studies and requirement elicitation to the complex deployment and integration activities.

Although our practices include choosing the most appropriate technologies and methods according to the specific project requirements and constraints, we are inclined to favour open source building blocks and agile development processes.

Case studies: Piletimaailm, Wildfire, E-File, Trio LSL Radio Group, Folk Culture Centre

Research and Development

Unusual problems need unconventional solutions. We are ready to create new products or technologies and solve problems in a way they have never been solved before.

We are particularly interested in working with the Model Driven Development approach in its many forms (MDA, MDE, MDD, Software Factories, etc.).

Case studies: E-File, Trio LSL Radio Group

Systems Integration

Connecting enterprise-wide software systems to support inter-business processes could be quite serious endeavour. We can help to align your existing systems with your changing business processes, by choosing appropriate integration strategies, evaluating supporting technologies and implementing the needed integration.

Case studies: E-File, Danske Bank A/S Estonia Branch, Skorpion

Software Application Maintenance

Software can be never considered to be “done”. There are always new features that need to be developed or adaptions to be made during its lifetime. We are experienced in maintaining several large scale applications and would be pleased to take over the programming and maintenance tasks of your existing and severely aching applications.

Case studies: Piletimaailm, Danske Bank A/S Estonia Branch, Bussireisid

Architectural Services

We provide support for all of the tough and irreversible technical decisions that need to be made during any phase of the software development project. Making unfounded decisions based on cargo cults or technological suggestions from the ad-filled trade magazines could result in wasted man years of development time. And will cost money. And maybe your job.

Services we provide:

  • Software and system architecture evaluation and compilation
  • Platform evaluation
  • Architectural decision support
  • Software design and prototype spiking
  • Architecture documentation
  • Technical reviews and auditing

Case studies: E-File, Piletimaailm, Wildfire, Folk Culture Centre

Data Management Services

Data quality is the cornerstone of every successful business. Soluvi provides various data related services, including:

  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Database Design and Data Modelling
  • Data Migrations
  • Data Quality Improvement

Case studies: Piletimaailm, Danske Bank A/S Estonia Branch

Consulting, Mentoring and Guidance

We can either provide guidance to our customers or take on activities on the following topics:

  • Requirement analysis and business process mapping
  • Test planning and test automation
  • Software development practices
  • Project management
  • Software development process improvement

We also provide agile coaching services where some of our team members join your team to initiate culture change, introduce better development practices or train your team on-site.

Case studies: E-File


The disciplines, methodologies and approaches being used, supported, investigated or advocated by Soluvi are:

Architectural Style Specific Platforms

Web development technologies

Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Prototype, script.aculo.us, Adobe Flash (Actionscript 2-3), Prado Framework, Yii Framework, Joomla

Integration technologies

SOA (Tivoli, SonicMQ), message passing, web services, REST, CORBA (Borland Visibroker, Iona Orbix), DCOM

Infrastructural technologies

Virtualization (xen), Amazon Cloud Services - EC2 and S3

Main Development Platforms

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Cucumber, RSpec, Haml, Sass, Radiant, Webrat, Active Merchant

iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)

Objective-C, Cocoa

Microsoft.NET platform

Microsoft.NET using C++, C# and VB.NET languages, ASP.NET, MonoRail MVC Framework, Spring.Net Application Framework, NHibernate, NUnit

Desktop Software Engineering

Delphi, DevExpress components, Indy, ReportBuilder, Crystal Reports, AQTime, TestComplete, C++ Builder, Visibroker

Model Driven Engineering platforms

Domain Specific Languages, Eclipse Modeling Foundation, openArchitectureWare, EMF/Ecore, Xtext, Xpand, Xtend, Xweave, Xvar, GMF, UML 2, various UML profiles

Domain Experience

We have gained deeper knowledge in the following domains and business areas:

Banking and finance
  • budget planning
  • investment management
  • customer relationship management
  • loan management
  • online banking
  • payments
  • land and property ownership management
  • cultural heritage management
Juridical case processing
  • prosecution
  • court processing
  • legal processing back-ends
Public transport
  • ticket sales
  • timetable management
  • ticket sales
  • venue and performance management
  • online trading